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Privacy Policy

Terms of Use – Last Updated on 20/10/2023

When browsing the sites of the MONKEYMETEOR.COM network, cookies are deposited on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.
This page allows you to better understand how cookies work and how to use current tools to configure them.

monkey meteor bullet What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file that can be placed on your device when browsing a website.
A cookie file allows its issuer to identify the device in which it is stored, for the duration of the validity or registration of said cookie.

Some cookies are essential for the use of the site, while others optimize and personalize the displayed content.

monkey meteor bullet Who deposits the cookies?

The cookies placed on our site can be deposited by MONKEYMETEOR.COM or by third parties.
Cookies deposited by MONKEYMETEOR.COM are mainly those related to the operation of our website.
Others are third-party cookies deposited by our partners or advertising agencies. The issuance and use of cookies by third parties are subject to the “cookies” policies of these third parties.

However, we ask our partners to comply with the “Computer and Freedoms” law of January 6, 1978, as amended.

Only the issuer of a cookie has the ability to read the information it contains.
We inform you of the purpose of third-party cookies of which we are aware and the means you have to make choices regarding these cookies.

monkey meteor bullet How and why do we use cookies?

We do not use cookies to collect personal information (such as your name), unless specifically requested by you (as a user of the MONKEYMETEOR.COM network, your names and surnames may be stored at your request to be recognized at your next connection).

1. Cookies strictly necessary for the operation of the MONKEYMETEOR.COM network
These are cookies essential for navigation on our site (such as session identifiers) that allow you to use the main features of the site and secure your connection.
They allow you, for example, to directly access reserved and personal areas of our site, thanks to identifiers or data that you may have previously entrusted to us.
Without these cookies, you will not be able to use the site normally; we advise against deleting them.
These cookies are exclusively deposited by MONKEYMETEOR.COM.

2. Functionality cookies
These cookies are not essential for navigation on our site but optimize the operation of our site and give you access to specific features.
They also allow you to adapt the presentation of our site to the display preferences of your device.
These cookies allow you to have a smooth and tailored navigation.

Placing cookies on your device is the simplest and fastest way to customize and improve your user experience.
These cookies are deposited by MONKEYMETEOR.COM. They have a very short lifespan, for the most part, the duration of the session, and at most, one year.

3. Analytical cookies
These are cookies that allow us to know the use and performance of our site, establish statistics, volumes of attendance, and use of various elements of our site (visited content, paths), allowing us to improve the interest and ergonomics of our services
(the most frequently visited pages or sections, the most read articles, etc.).

Cookies also serve us to count the visitors of a page.
These are cookies from Google Analytics and Xiti.

Occasionally, cookies from Médiamétrie and ComScore may be deposited in certain advertising content to measure, based on aggregated and anonymous statistical data, the effectiveness of these campaigns as well as the aggregated demographic composition of users exposed to them.

The privacy policy of Médiamétrie is available at the following address:

4. Sharing cookies (social links)
Our site contains sharing links to Facebook, Twitter, and other similar social networks, allowing you to share content from our site with others.
When you use these share buttons, a third-party cookie is installed. If you are logged into the social network while browsing our site, the share buttons link the viewed content to your user account.

5. Advertising cookies
These are cookies used to offer you advertisements tailored to your interests, on our site and on other sites.
They are notably used to limit the number of times you see an advertisement and help measure the effectiveness of an advertising campaign.

The relevance of the advertising content displayed on your device can also be achieved, thanks to the technology of one of our partners, by associating the navigation information of your device on our site with the data you provided us during your registration or access to one of our services.
Refusing these advertising cookies has no impact on the use of our site. However, refusing them will not stop advertising on our site or on the Internet.

It will only result in displaying an advertisement that does not take into account your interests or preferences.
These cookies are mostly third-party cookies and depend mainly on advertising agencies. We cannot list them exhaustively.

They come from companies such as: Critéo, Ligatus, Outbrain, Ezakus, Smart Adserver, Rubicon, Nugg.ad, Krux, Turn …

6. Connection cookies
We use login cookies for your Discord and Google accounts. If you decide to log in through your social network accounts, these are important as they allow us to connect you easily to our MONKEYMETEOR.COM network of sites.

You can at any time remove or add the social network login from your account.

7. Google Adsense cookies
We use Google Adsense cookies to display ads on the sites of the MONKEYMETEOR.COM network. These cookies may sometimes be used by Google to display ads related to the content that best suits you. Ads also help finance the sites of the MONKEYMETEOR.COM network.

monkey meteor bullet Cookie Management

You have various means to manage your cookies.
You can choose to disable these cookies at any time. You can accept or refuse them on a case-by-case basis or refuse them systematically once and for all.

We remind you that the settings may change your access conditions to our services requiring the use of cookies.
Depending on the type of cookies you want to disable, you can express your choice:

1. Through the settings of your browser
Most browsers accept cookies by default. However, you can decide to block these cookies or ask your browser to notify you when a site tries to implement a cookie on your device.
To change the cookie management of your browser, you can modify the settings in the privacy tab.

Attention, some features of the site may no longer work.
The configuration of each browser is different. It is described in the help menu of your browser, which will allow you to know how to modify your preferences regarding cookies.

For Chrome

For Microsoft Edge

For FireFox

For Opera

2. Through opt-out links for analytics cookies
You can get more information about analytics cookies, including how to disable them, by following the links below:

For cookies deposited by Google Analytics:

For cookies deposited by Xiti (AT Internet):

3. Through a cookie management platform for sharing and advertising cookies
You will find more information on behavioral advertising and privacy protection on the Internet at this address: https://www.youronlinechoices.com/en/ and will know the registered companies that offer you the possibility to refuse or accept cookies used by these companies to adapt to your browsing information the ads likely to be displayed on your device.

The cookie deposited in the event of using the share buttons is also included in this platform.

Attention, the consideration of your wish is based on a cookie. If you delete all cookies stored on your device (via your browser), we or our providers will not know that you have chosen this option.

monkey meteor bullet More information about cookies

For more information about cookies, you can visit the CNIL website at this address: CNIL

monkey meteor bullet Reproduction of texts from MONKEYMETEOR.COM sites

The texts of MONKEYMETEOR.COM sites are created and written by players and/or the editors of MONKEYMETEOR.COM sites, who work hard to have good translations. Out of respect for them, please add a link to our site or to the guide you wish to reproduce if you find texts without sources; we may enforce our rights and have them removed from your site/blog.

monkey meteor bullet Contributions to guides

By submitting a guide for publication on MONKEYMETEOR.COM sites, the contributor undertakes to be the original author and to have all necessary rights, including on the images and/or screenshots provided for the guide in question.

In principle, the texts of the guides should not have been published before. If this is the case, please specify when requesting a contribution (No problem for guild forums, for example, traffic is usually restricted).

The contribution is made for free, and no compensation can be requested by the contributor from MONKEYMETEOR.COM! The guides provided by players are their own interpretation of the game and are binding only on them.

In case of complaints or disputes, the responsibility of MONKEYMETEOR.COM sites cannot be engaged, and only the contributors will be held responsible for their contribution(s).

Regarding grammar, spelling, layout, etc… Corrections may be made before publication, without any limitations or agreements from the contributor.

MONKEYMETEOR.COM sites reserve the right to delete and/or modify all publications following complaints, particularly due to respect for copyright and disclosure of information (spoilers, NDA, etc.).

Similarly, any contributor may, upon simple request by email, have their contribution deleted from MONKEYMETEOR.COM sites.

All contributions, whether made occasionally, by a partner, or a team member, are subject to these same conditions.

monkey meteor bullet Site Images

All images from the games belong to their respective publishers and cannot be used without their permission.

As a fan site, MONKEYMETEOR.COM is bound by a contract with these publishers. If you reuse any materials, you must first ensure that you have the right to publish them on your site/blog, etc.

If you wish to use an image from MONKEYMETEOR.COM and/or its affiliates, you must provide a link to the MONKEYMETEOR.COM page or sites.

We sometimes use creations from artists. If a source has been forgotten, we apologize. Please contact us as soon as possible so that we can add a copyright.

monkey meteor bullet Site Forums and Comments

If you wish to close your account, please contact us. You must also accept the terms of use of cookies, used for authentication.

Regarding comments on MONKEYMETEOR.COM sites, you must, of course, respect other players and refrain from posting comments that are pornographic, racist, homophobic, degrading, sexist, or any other form of personal denigration.

Otherwise, the moderators and administrators of the MONKEYMETEOR.COM network reserve the right to intervene and impose sanctions as appropriate based on the severity of the offense.

Finally, MONKEYMETEOR.COM will not be held responsible for a player’s violation of these rules and reserves the right to pursue legal solutions as necessary.

monkey meteor bullet Personal Data

You have the right to access, rectify, and object to data concerning you. You can exercise this right by contacting a site administrator. You can also delete your account from the MONKEYMETEOR.COM network at any time from your profile page.

The administrators of MONKEYMETEOR.COM reserve the right to modify the terms of service at any time. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

The site was inspired by players, for players!

monkey meteor bullet Hosting

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